Toddler Sneaks Into Room To Say Goodnight To Dog Nursing Her Puppies

Maggie, the dog, is nursing her puppies in the crib when her little human comes by for an unexpected visit.

Mom and dad aren’t around when the toddler pops into the doggie nursery to make sure Maggie is all right.The sweet moment was captured on the doggie cam placed in the nursery.In the video, the little girl can be seen petting Maggie

gently on the head and giving one of the puppies a pet too. Maggie looks quite tired but she smiles at the little girl as she kisses her on the head before leaving the room.

Not unexpectedly, the tender, quiet moment has gone viral, gathering nearly 3 million views in a few weeks. We’re sure the little girl’s parents are proud they have such a thoughtful and caring daughter!