Dog Will Try Anything To Get His Brother To Stop Doing Zoom School

«Jake feels as though he should be the center of attention at all times” 😄

Jake was living as a stray outside of a factory in Puerto Rico when he was rescued by The Sato Project. Now he has the best family, and loves getting all of the attention he never had before.“I can’t imagine how this dog survived in the wild without people to love on him,

he is hands down the most affectionate dog I have ever met,” Lauren Westling, Jake’s mom, told The Dodo. “He is so funny and quirky, too, and doesn’t seem to know he’s a dog. He regularly sits like a human on the couch.”

Jake has two human brothers, Weston and Owen, and he loves them both very much. Jake and Owen are particularly close, and Jake loves to follow his brother wherever he goes and constantly wants to be by his side no matter what.

“Jake waits by his bedroom door all the time and has a routine at night; when I tuck Owen in, Jake lays with him and refuses to leave the bedroom,” Westling said.Now that Owen is doing school at home on Zoom,

he gets to spend even more time with his dog best friend, and Jake couldn’t be more thrilled about it.Usually, Jake is pretty well-behaved while his brother is doing Zoom school. He doesn’t usually seem to notice that there’s something going on on-screen.

Recently, though, he suddenly became very aware that Owen was in the middle of school, an activity that could draw his attention away from Jake — so he quickly sprang into action.“For some reason Jake was intrigued by Zoom and wanted to be part of the action,”

Westling said.Jake began doing everything in his power to make his presence known, both to everyone on Zoom and to Owen. He tried to convince Owen that giving him as much attention as possible was the most important thing in that moment, much more important than pesky

school. He pawed at and snuggled up to Owen as much as he could, and of course, Owen couldn’t help but laugh at his adorable, very persistent best friend.“Owen loves Jake, we all do, and his distractions, while probably not funny for the teachers, are quite amusing to us,”

Westling said. “Jake feels as though he should be the center of attention at all times and he makes that known.”Jake started out life not getting any attention at all, and now he’s determined to get as much of it as possible at all times — and his family is more than happy to oblige.