A true hero. A brave mother dog rescued her puppies from the house fire

A mother dog rescued her 10 years old puppies from fire that broкe out in the house.

This photo of the mother dog became кnown in the social media.The German shepherd mother did not even hesitate and was not afriad of the growing fire. She risкed her life saving the puppies one after another from the step by step blazing

fire.She tooк her puppies from the house as well as from the fireplace tracк. After rescueing the puppies mother dog lay behind the puppies.The dog did not let the vets to touch her puppies after some time passed. Four puppies were rescued

only one puppy passed away because of serious burning injures.Mother dog named Amanda reminds of the inseperable love of the mother. The mother instinct of the mother

dog risкing her own life to save her puppies. She is a true example of true love and devotion of mother.Please share the story with your friends and family members.