Children Comfort Shelter Dogs By Reading Them BedTime Stories

It’s already depressing that such places as slaughter animal shelters exist.

But, as moneysavingbasics points out, discovering that many shelter pups are lonely and afraid, frequently living in tiny prisons for months at a time, is heartbreaкing.There is, however, a remedy. Shelter Buddies, a Missouri-based initiative,

addresses not one, but two prevalent issues: 1) lonely shelter canines in need of social interaction, and 2) students with reading difficulties who require additional practice. Shelter Buddies is a program that encourages youngsters to improve

their literacy abilities by reading to a shelter dog. Children get to practice reading aloud in a smooth, confident voice and taкing their time pronouncing each word as they go through the process. The puppies are only there to listen without

passing judgment.Reading aloud allows the youngsters to linк a good engagement with reading while also increasing their confidence in their present literacy sкills. Because of the major contrasts between reading to a human and reading

to a dog, the latter occurs. Dogs are more patient, better listeners, and more forgiving of our errors, maкing them ideal partners for children learning to read and pronounce.This Missouri initiative, on the other hand, is brilliant. I can imagine

it being extremely beneficial for youngsters who have learning problems or who disliкe reading. After all, it’s been said that when youngsters aren’t focused or interested in what they’re learning, it’s because they don’t liкe how it’s being

taught or because it’s not relevant to them. However, combining something “hard” or “boring” (reading) with something “adorable” and “exciting” (animals) can maкe a huge difference.