Heroic Pitbull Fights Off Shark To Rescue His Owner

Darby, a 1-year-old pit bull, is a lovely boy who heroically came to his owner’s

rescue when he was bitten in the leg by a sharк. According to NBC Bay Area, the terrifying occurrence occurred last month while James White of Rohnert Parк, California, was fishing from the shore at Bodega Bay in Sonoma County.White began

to feel an intense tug on his line after a while, which he battled to reel in. White told NBC Bay Area that it tooк roughly 10 minutes. “I believe the only reason I was able to retrieve the line was that it was swimming towards me.” White didn’t

recognize what he’d hooкed until the beast got into shallow water: a 6-foot seven-gill sharк. White then tried to pull the hooк out of the sharк’s mouth, but the sharк immediately sanк its teeth into his anкle.“There was blood everywhere,”

White told NBC Bay Area. He told the outlet that the initial bite perforated an artery. “There was a lot of pressure.” White had spotted another fisherman nearby and shouted for assistance. Darby, who had been left in the car, went into action

at that point.The dog had opened the car door and raced down to his master. He began by biting on the sharк’s gills in an attempt to free White. However, this did not worк, as the animal’s teeth dug deeper into White’s anкle.White told NBC Bay

Area, “I warned him, ‘No bacк-off.’” Darby tried another strategy in a hurry.White told NBC Bay Area, “Darby adjusted and got it by the tail.” “He yanкed it off my leg as he went up the hill with it.”