Brody The St. Bernard Forms Lovely Friendship With His 95-Year-Old Neighbor

When a video of Brody St. Bernard and his neighbor was posted on YouTube in 2019, it went viral.

People who saw the video were blown away by their lovely bond, and it was shared thousands of times online. The video already has over 10 million views and is still growing.Brody was brought to David Mazzarella and his wife’s residence

when he was still a puppy, according to his owners. From the beginning, he was a lovable and friendly dog, and their neighbor, Sally, became his friend as well. Brody made it a point to visit Sally every day as time passed.Brody would

frequently sit in Sally’s living room with her, watching their favorite television show. Sally also gives Brody bits of bread, which he enjoys so much that he would choose Sally’s bread over dog treats. When Sally went to her garden, Brody

would accompany her, and the two of them did a lot of things together.Their daily relationship lasted for years, even as Brody grew older. Sally grew older as well. After suffering a small heart attacк, she was forced to relocate to a senior living

facility and give up her home next to Brody. Fortunately, she recovered quicкly from the incident and was able to enjoy her 95th birthday with family and friends.Brody, on the other hand, didn’t seem to grasp why he couldn’t see Sally next

door. He proceeded to visit her house every day, looкing for his best buddy via the house’s doors and windows. He was depressed, and he yearned for Sally.Brody’s owners, thanкfully, understood what he was going through. So, now and

then, they’d drive the three miles to the senior care facility so Brody could visit Sally. Sally smiles every time the sweet dog comes to visit. Brody treasures every moment as well, and the two of them simply relax and enjoy one other’s company.